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Effectively onboard, train, and engage your customers to increase product adoption and customer retention. Deliver delightful learning experiences that help inspire your customers to become advocates for your brand.

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Equip your revenue team with effective enablement built to increase rep efficiency, decrease ramp times, and close more deals. Leverage powerful Salesforce reporting to affirm the strong ROI of your enablement program to your executives.

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The WorkRamp LMS integrates seamlessly with your tech stack. Leverage key integrations to help you automate tasks and tie learning outcomes to business impact with BambooHR, Slack, Salesforce, and more.

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Learning Management System FAQs

An LMS like the Learning Cloud helps employees learn and develop skills in an engaging and efficient way. An LMS helps teams manage and deliver educational content, which enables employees to learn in the flow of work. An LMS can be used for different types of employee training, including onboarding, revenue enablement, compliance training, and leadership development.

An LMS helps you streamline employee training because you can create and manage all of your training materials in a single platform. With the Learning Cloud, you can create engaging employee training or use prebuilt content from subject matter experts. Admins can easily manage training and set up automated workflows for users. With reporting and analytics, managers can track training completions and learner progress, build custom dashboards, and measure ROI to tie training initiatives back to business goals.

Employee upskilling helps employees learn the necessary skills to excel in their roles and advance in their careers. Upskilling can help organizations close costly skill gaps and stay ahead of competitors. Upskilling employees also offers additional benefits like improved employee engagement and retention.

Upskilling employees is an ongoing process to help businesses maintain a competitive edge. An effective employee upskilling program should include a skills assessment, employee growth plans that employees create with their managers, coaching, mentorship and job shadowing, manager feedback, and performance reviews, and a variety of continuous learning opportunities to ensure employees never stop improving.

  An LMS for sales is a learning platform where you can create and store sales content and training materials to help sales reps improve. Reps have on-demand access to training content and can get a 1:1 training experience regardless of their location. With an all-in-one LMS like the Learning Cloud, you can centralize employee, sales, and customer training in a single platform.

Sales coaching and training are similar and the two work together to create effective sellers, however there are some differences. Sales training focuses on teaching reps and providing educational materials to help them learn about selling. Sales coaching helps reps develop the necessary skills to improve performance. Coaching can include 1:1 sessions, roleplaying exercises, direct feedback, and more.

A customer training LMS, like the Learning Cloud, helps you create a centralized platform to develop and manage customer training content and scalable customer training programs. With WorkRamp, you can create a customer education academy, host live and virtual customer education events, and create certification programs to enhance users’ knowledge of your product and features.

A customer education academy is an online training platform with content and resources to help users and prospects learn about your products. It helps them enhance their understanding and use your product or service to excel in their roles. Building a customer education academy provides a number of benefits, including increased customer retention and satisfaction, higher customer lifetime value, and increased product adoption. When your customers have the resources and training they need to use your product effectively, they become power users and loyal brand advocates. 

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