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Learning at Work Reimagined: An Experience for People, Revenue & CS Leaders.

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Learning at Work Reimagined: An Experience for People, Revenue & CS Leaders.

Now on-demand

Reimagine how to approach learning at work.

Uncover the power of learning as the driving force behind enhancing employee performance, increasing revenue, and supercharging customer success.

We’ll delve into the latest and greatest enablement and learning strategies, host expert-led sessions, and give you the chance to network with other awesome folks in the learning community. LEARN is THE event to explore how the pros in People, Revenue, and Customer teams are reimagining learning at work. Learning just isn’t a buzzword — join us to find out how learning can have a major impact on your organization's growth.

This is an SHRM-accredited event. See more in our FAQs.

WorkRamp LEARN '23 Speakers

aaron levie

Aaron Levie

CEO & Co-Founder


Ryan Neu

Ryan Neu

CEO & Co-Founder


kelly bray

Kelly Bray

VP of Product-Led Success & Account Management


Speaker_312 x 327_Ted_Blosser

Ted Blosser

CEO & Co-Founder


suzie Roger

Suzie Rogers

VP, People Partnerships


Lissa Songp

Lissa Songpitak

Head of Revenue Enablement


Marit Parten

Marit Parten

Head of Revenue Productivity, Sales Enablement


jihye kim bower

Jihye Kim Bower

Manager, Culture & Development

Getty Images

Dave Derington

Dave Derington

Director of Customer Education, Co-host of the CELab Podcast


peter zink

Peter Zink

Senior Director, Revenue Enablement

Sprout Social

Amy Elenius

Amy Elenius

Manager of Customer Education


scott Powell

Scott Powell


EnablePoint, LLC



Adrian Valente

Director of Training & Enablement



Erin Paugh

Director of Solutions Engineering

WorkRamp (Moderator)

lori jimenez

Lori Jiménez


WorkRamp (Moderator)

Speaker_312 x 327_Meredith_Fish

Meredith Fish

VP of People & Culture

WorkRamp (Moderator)

Speaker_312 x 327_Jack_Foster

Jack Foster


WorkRamp (Moderator)


Mallorie Maranda

VP of Sales

WorkRamp (Moderator)


Megan Leung

Customer Marketing Manager

WorkRamp (Moderator)

Normandy Chany

Normandy Chany

Sr. Manager of Professional Services

WorkRamp (Moderator)

chris hartig

Chris Hartig

Director of Sales

WorkRamp (Moderator)


Masha Abaturova

Sr. Client Outcomes Manager



Holly Wood

Implementation Manager








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Main Sessions & Keynotes

08:45 AM - 09:00 AM PT
Doors Open: Dance with DJ Graffiti

Start out your morning with beats from DJ Graffiti. The party starts when the doors open.


DJ Graffiti

09:00 AM - 09:05 AM PT
Welcome to LEARN!

Get a preview of the day, hear how you can win prizes, and get ready for the main event.  

09:05 AM - 09:25 AM PT
LEARN Opening Keynote: Reimagine Learning at Work

Hear about the latest in the world of Learning and get a sneak peek into WorkRamp’s biggest product announcements of the year. Join Ted Blosser, WorkRamp’s CEO & Co-Founder, for an exciting keynote to kick off LEARN 2023.


Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp 

09:25 AM - 09:45 AM PT
High Output Management for the Next Generation of SaaS Companies

As a student of Andy Grove and his High Output Management philosophy, come learn how Aaron Levie has built Box into a $4B+ public company by re-writing the management playbook.


Aaron Levie, CEO & Co-Founder, Box 

Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp (Moderator)

09:45 AM - 10:05 PM PT
See the Learning Cloud in Action

Get a look at how WorkRamp’s Learning Cloud can help you reimagine all your learning at work in this product demo. 


Erin Paugh, Director of Solutions Engineering, WorkRamp

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PT
LIVE Podcast with Ryan Neu: How Buying Tech Will Radically Change

As the leading SaaS buying platform, Vendr has a front seat in the radically changing technology landscape. On this LIVE podcast recording, listen to Vendr’s CEO, Ryan Neu, on how he thinks purchasing will evolve and affect every learning professional in 2024 and beyond. 


Ryan Neu, CEO & Co-Founder, Vendr

Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp (Moderator)

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM PT
The LEARNIES Award Ceremony

We’ll be presenting the winners of our first-ever LEARNIES Awards. Join us in celebrating the best employee, customer, and partner learning programs in the WorkRamp community! 

L&D Track

10:10 AM - 10:35 AM PT
Motivating & Upskilling Employees When Times Are Tough

We've been navigating a turbulent year. But that doesn't mean employee growth has to stop. Hear how to prioritize development during tough times. 


Suzie Rogers, VP, People Partnerships, Checkout.com

Meredith Fish, VP, People & Culture, WorkRamp

Jack Foster, CMO, WorkRamp (Moderator)

10:35 AM - 10:55 AM PT
All In on L&D: Why People Leaders Are Betting on Learning

Where should your L&D resources be going to drive the biggest impact? Discover L&D trends for long-term success and explore top priorities for 2024.


Jihye Kim Bower, Manager, Culture & Development, Getty Images

Megan Leung, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp (Moderator)

Revenue Enablement Track

10:10 AM - 10:35 AM PT
This is the Way: Future-Proofing Your Org Through Enablement

Secure your sales and revenue future with cutting-edge enablement insights. Uncover trends, refine strategies, and harness AI for success.


Lissa Songpitak, Head of Revenue Enablement, Enable

Marit Parten, Head of Revenue Productivity, Sales Enablement, Narvar

Chris Hartig, Director of Sales, WorkRamp (Moderator)

10:35 AM - 10:55 AM PT
The Consolidation of the Sales Readiness Tech Stack

The sales readiness tech stack is changing. From consolidation to showing ROI, get expert insights on how to maximize results.


Peter Zink, Senior Director, Revenue Enablement, Sprout Social

Scott Powell, Co-Founder, EnablePoint, LLC 

Mallorie Maranda, VP of Sales, WorkRamp (Moderator)

Customer Success Track

10:10 AM - 10:35 AM PT
Everything You Need to Know to Build a Customer Community

Transform buyers into power users with expert-led community-building strategies. Launch, grow, and empower to drive customer success.


Amy Elenius, Manager of Customer Education, Gorgias

Dave Derington, Director of Customer Education, ServiceRocket, Co-host of the CELab Podcast

Normandy Chany, Sr. Manager of Professional Services, WorkRamp (Moderator)

10:35 AM - 10:55 AM PT
Next-Gen CS: Performance-Driven, Digital, AI, and More

Next-gen CS is here. Leaders share how to drive a performance-driven org, how they think about digital strategies, the role of AI, and more. 


Kelly Bray, VP of Product-Led Success and Account Management, MongoDB 

Lori Jiménez, CRO, WorkRamp (Moderator)

WorkRamp Training Sessions (for WorkRamp Customers)

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PT

Driving Skill Development with WorkRamp Challenges 

Join Implementation Manager, Holly Wood, for a live training on Driving Skill Development with WorkRamp Challenges. You’ll learn tips and best practices for incorporating Challenges into your employee learning programs to increase interactivity, improve knowledge retention, and ultimately, boost the impact of your trainings.  


Holly Wood, Implementation Manager, WorkRamp

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PT

Building an Academy that Fosters Community and Drives Retention

Managing an academy with over 34k users and over 130k community members, Adrian Valente, Director of Training & Enablement at Sunbit, knows a thing or two about building customer programs of impact. Join this session to hear best practices and strategies he's implemented around branding, content creation, integrations, and engagement to create an academy that fosters community and retains customers.


Adrian Valente, Director of Training & Enablement, Sunbit

Masha Abaturova, Sr. Client Outcomes Manager, WorkRamp (Moderator)

“What an amazing lineup of speakers and content here in a couple of weeks!! For all Enablement and L&D professionals this looks like a must attend! Even if you're not in the Enablement or L&D space, the topics are relevant for all... People-Centric culture, Diversity, a Growth Mindset, Career Development, etc...

Tomas Kral, Sr. Manager Sales Operations, Epicor

2022 LEARN Attendee

Quote pattern 1
“ (1)
“As an Enablement Professional, I am hyper-focused on ensuring the Customer Success folks at HubSpot have the resources and training they need. This year, once a quarter I have spent time upskilling myself to continue to grow in my own career. I am spending time today doing just that at WorkRamp Learn Virtual Summit.”

Britney Talty, Team Lead, Go-To-Market Enablement (Customer Success)

2022 LEARN Attendee

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